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Women at Work! 7 Ways to Make Her Feel Seen.

Colleague & friend. 

Boss & mentor. 

Coworker & confidant. 

Team member & superwoman.

Relationships between women at work can take all sorts of shape. Some of them make the longest (or lamest) parts of your day survivable. Others challenge you to ascend to new heights!

And with new hires and new tasks come new vibes and new faces. These 7 gift ideas for coworkers will help you acknowledge and uplift all of the women in your workplace. New acquaintances, as well as longtime lunch mates. In-person and virtual.

The way she inspires you, you can celebrate her. If she looks to you for leadership, set an example of kindness and care. Strictly professional can still be profound!

Plus, you'll make a positive work environment for yourself and others. It’s the little things that matter, and the gifts that make them memorable.

So here are 7 gift ideas for all the types of coworkers you want to celebrate!

1. She’s new and new can be hard. A gift to say, Welcome!

Flowers can feel too forward and offering coffee may not be enough. How can you make the newest member of your team feel like she’s in the right place?


It’s not easy to settle in to a new routine, let alone plant herself in a new space. So give her some helpful relief by saying, “I’m happy you’re here!”


The Hooray Bouquet cheers her on from the outside and contains non-GMO poppy seeds on the inside.

It is inexpensive enough to risk the chance that she has no green thumb, yet cute enough to brighten her day.

With sunlight, poppy seeds flourish in cooler temperatures, so they are perfect for her to grow indoors.

And no matter how often you work together, this informal gift could sew the beginnings of a blooming relationship. The kind that makes her smile, and helps give you a reason to swing by now and again to say, “how’s it growing?”

2. When it's right, it's right. A gift that says, "What would I do without you?"

Have you ever walked out of a room with the distinct feeling that no one sees it like you do? And for all your best efforts, you cannot seem to understand why.

The answer is clear, the people are not. You have emojis and eye rolls, but they have nowhere to go...

Until she says it, too.

Your raised eyebrows respond, "Yes! That is EXACTLY what I was thinking!"

Truthfully, who knows if you're both right, but you've got validation and like-minded affinity.

Her agreement makes the idea of another meeting endurable, and the knowledge that someone else in the room might see it like you invigoratingly plausible.


This blank-inside, thank you card understands you two. You just get each other and your Oxford comma loyalty proves it!

Get her this card to say, "Thank goodness for you."

We bet she'll receive it with a kindred, joyful, and self-assured spirit that makes even the longest meeting only a hop, skip, and a smirk away from more exciting punctuation "!!!"

3-4. Sometimes you need a gift that says, "Let's laugh overselves through this one."

These two small gifts make big points. They use laughter to overcome the parts of life that may not always feel welcome in the workplace.

First, for the parent who chooses not to hide the challenges of child rearing at the door during every aspect of work life. Life outside of work can't always patiently wait until closing time, and even grown babies make their way into worthwhile workplace conversation.

Laugh the tear jerking milestones and more challenging moments forward with this sticker because you know she'll love it and she just may need to hear, "It's okay."


Second, a sticker for the woman at work who you know can DO things, and you're sure she knows it, too, even if the invitation for her to thrive doesn't always come easy. She may not need any tips about how to blaze her own trail, but we know she'll feel amazing to realize she's helping inspire you to do the same.


She'll showcase it on her water bottle or laptop to make a statement, or adhere it to the sturdy front cover of her powerhouse notebook to invigorate her in silence. No matter where she places it, we know words like these WILL stick with her.

5-6. After a worthy career, here's a gift to say, "Well done, Ma'am" and "Congrats!"

Yes, we said ma'am. Not too many gifts are respectable enough to congratulate even the top lady in charge. When a retirement party is planned and the workforce is consolidating funds, this fine serveware is a dignified gift that will add quality, taste, and value to her life as a working woman or a retiree.

Each handmade cheese board is made of high quality acacia wood and an eco-friendly epoxy hand poured in small batches for one-of-a-kind serveware.


Accompanied by a bottle of wine, this gift can stay reasonable as a gift from you to her, or jump to an extravagant group gift that puts a fancy price tag on a fancy career.

Even as a stand alone gift, you'll find multiple colors options and shapes to choose from.


Although our favorite way to deliver these popular gifts is with a neat bow and a fresh bouquet, you may want to round it out with a matching marble-styled resin coaster set.


Whether she's enjoying a restful drink or entertaining her friends, she'll serve it up all in great style.

7. Acknowledge her super powers. A gift to say, "You're doing such great work!"

She's so good, you know she'll have a hard time hearing it. But acknowledgement is important. So, show her.


This candle comes with two complementary scents and smells divine. She'll feel special and seen, just because you said something.

Now, there is no underestimating the power of a well-worded note of praise. Let alone one that's handwritten and wrapped in an envelope.


No email could possibly achieve the same.

The work we do is so important--as are the women we do it with. Our relationships in the workplace make it all feel worthwhile. How would we survive the 1/3 of our lives that we spend at work without them??

These gifts are all work appropriate and guaranteed to spread joy. Get shopping so she can find that surprise on her desk ASAP!

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