Recurring Care Packages from Basketful
et your loved one know you are near.

What to Expect

Arrange to send gifts to a student or loved one

multiple times throughout the year.


Recurring Care Packages are Great for Sending:

  • Care packages to a student away from home

  • Special gifts for a Birthday week! 

  • Support to a friend or loved one in need

How does it work? 

1. You tell us:

      - how many care packages you want to send

      - to whom you are sending them

      - how much you want to spend (budget)

      - mood you want each package to convey

      (make 'em laugh, miss you, be brave...) 

2. We confirm details & schedule with you

3. We make it happen, with reminders to you throughout the year and delivery confirmation.

4. You pay upfront or upon delivery. Your choice.


You've got good intentions. Act on them. Email us!






Email Basketful now at to send a surprise.