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Why basketful?

Summer Collage

We curate everything in our shop

by hand.

We love people and want to help people love their people.

Customer Service = Golden Rule 
(with or without the religion, your choice)

We are trying hard to try hard when it comes to sustainability.
Not perfect, but hopeful. Here's how:

  • Less gift wrap, less trash

  • Recycled gift and gift wrap options

  • Reusable gift and gift wrap options​

  • As we learn, we share @shopbasketful

  • As post-consumer with our packaging as possible (meaning, if there's bubble wrap in your shipment, we reused it from a shipment we received).

Gift (n.) a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present. Oxford

Basketful Gift (n.) With or without occasion, an intentional gesture to spark joy. Basketful 

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