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Pack That Picnic

It is said that the joy of travel is not just felt while on a trip, but in the weeks or months before, while anticipating the trip.

So, we can't travel right now. NBD. That doesn't have to stop us from seeking new ways to find joy. Anticipating your..... picnic can be the exact same.

Yes, that's right! Look forward to quality time together, prep for the food you will enjoy and plan for the setting you'll share. Those joys can bring as much comfort as the picnic itself.

In these trying times, when travel is not possible and even local trips are unwise, take a look nearby.

What fun can your family share on a dressed up picnic blanket in the living room?

How fun and easy would it be to lay an otherwise regular picnic blanket in your own backyard?

If you venture to your car each day to be out and about without actually getting out, what special snack can you prepare and enjoy with the parked, air-conditioned view of your choice? If you found that secluded spot, roll out the blanket in your trunk and grab a special treat.

Basketful was born from the idea of gathering, with picnics not far behind. Join us to bring this cherished pastime into your real time. Give yourself a fresh take on your everyday routine and wherever you go, leave joy.

We can get you started online at

Find all of the items above and just ask if you've got something else on the wish list.

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