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How to Put Together a Gift Basket -- Gift Basket Ideas

Do it yourself! Make your friends and family feel over the moon about the gift they receive--because it's layered, meaningful, and overflowing with love!

Gift baskets look and feel luxurious, like a professional put them together. But you can absolutely make them yourself in these 5 steps.

Step 1: Start with the Basket--But Feel Free to Be Creative!

Gift baskets don't have to come in a boring old brown wicker basket. Although it's a classy look and totally appropriate for certain occasions, you need not feel limited by what a gift basket is "supposed" to look like.

The basket doesn't have to just be the vessel. When you choose a basket that can be used for other things, then it becomes part of the gift itself! Like this white striped basket. It can be reused as a bathroom organizer, trinkets holder, or in the living room to hold remotes.

This cooler bag isn't the first thing you'd imagine for a gift basket, but that's the point! Fill it with goodies AND use it for years to come.

Step 2. Decide What You're Trying to Say with Your Gift Basket

Guess who this gift is for!

This gift basket is a perfect example of a gift basket that "says" something. You know right away that it's for someone who has just accomplished something great because of the "Bravo!" card. The Quotable mug that reads "The world awaits you..." combined with the notepad with the message "Just Keep Growing" shows that this gift is for someone embarking on the next chapter of their lives.

Did you guess graduation? You were right!

The bath bomb dry brush, and tea encourages relaxation after a job well done. And the beautiful earrings and coasters say "now it's time to enjoy! You did it!"

So, when it comes to your gift basket, you just need to decide what you want it to say! What makes a gift really meaningful is not just when the gift matches the occasion in an obvious way, but when the items combine to send a specific message.

Step 3. Start Building Your Gift Basket with Bigger Items

You'll want to pick 1-3 bigger items that set the tone for the rest of the basket. This not only helps you pick the direction of your message, but makes it easier to physically place your items in the basket in a visually appealing way.

The bigger items provide the structure for the smaller items to lean against and be displayed. They're also likely the first thing that your gift recipient will see when they get your basket, so it's important that they're beautiful and communicate the theme!

Place the big items in the back of the basket and the medium items in the middle. And then see how much more room you have for goodies!

Step 4. Fill in with Smaller Items to Give a Feeling of Abundance

The goal with giving a gift basket is that you want to have your gift recipient go “oh my gosh, there’s this thing I love, and this thing I love, and I can’t wait to try this, and there’s MORE!” Ideally, their eyes won’t be able to take it all in at one time. This creates the feeling of ABUNDANCE—that good is all around them, and that they deserve a bounty of love and gifts and joy.

The best part is, this doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s the smaller (and less pricey) items that make people go “and this and this and this! Wow, you really want to spoil me.”

Our little secret: We always love adding these mini candles to any gift set. Even if it's just a cute card with this little candle, it feels sweet, thoughtful, and abundant!

Step 5. Finish with a Bow and Present It!

By now, you won't be able to wait to give your gift basket :) With the big items in the back that share your main message, the small items in the front that communicate abundance, and a creative basket with a pretty bow--you're guaranteed to win that smile you want so badly from your loved one.

You're on your way! Shop our items to get started now.

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