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Gifts of Time Together: Mother's Day Gift Ideas That She'll Actually Use

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and you want to get your mom something that she’ll actually use! Why not gift her something that will make not only Mother’s Day special, but something you can actively do together for months to come?

Both of her love languages of gift-giving AND quality time knocked out at one time? Check!

After all, that’s what every mom really wants at the end of the day–not just something cluttering up her house, but time with her family that she loves so much. Invite her into your life and make your time together extra special with these 8 gift ideas your mom, mother-in-law-, or mother figure will actually use. We like to call them “gifts of time together”!

1. Acacia Boards: Useful & Unique

First up are these gorgeous Acacia boards. Okay, we talk about these all the time, but can you blame us? The wood feels so smooth, the resin is mesmerizing, and when you hold it, you know you’re holding a fine piece of craftsmanship that will last years to come.

What we love about these is how the invite time together, just by being what they are. They make you want to fill the board with delicious cheeses, jams, and crackers. They make you imagine your whole family smiling around the kitchen together. They make you want to plan a Sunday morning brunch, just to have an excuse to use them!

So when it comes to gifting this to your mom or mother-in-law, it’s a slam dunk. Accompany it with a bottle of wine, array of cheeses, or even better, a set date on the calendar for you to visit again and make use of this beautiful piece of practical art. She’ll be grateful that you thought of her when you saw something this special, and she’ll just beam when you explain that it means more quality time with you!

2. Kazoo Karaoke: Creative & Inexpensive

This game is too much fun. Imagine your whole family sitting around a picnic table in the warm, beautiful weather, playing and laughing together, reminiscing about their favorite songs and hearing the old stories about yours.

This Mother’s Day idea isn’t just a one-and-done gift, but is a gift that you can use over and over. There’s nothing more bonding than laughing together, and this game is guaranteed to cause the laughter to overflow! Bring it to a winery, picnic, or just around a cup of tea at home–your family will love it, and your mom will love that a new tradition was created around her.

Plus, this is a very inexpensive and easy Mother’s Day gift. Stick a bow on it, write a sweet card, and she’ll still feel like a million bucks.

3. Botanist Kit: Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

We do recommend this gift to buy for Grandma on Mother’s Day, but would not judge you at all if you bought this kid’s gift for your nature-loving Mama, or even yourself! It’s so stinking cute and whimsical, so it does have mass appeal. What comes in this precious botanist kit?

A magnifying glass, boxes to store your found treasures, and a flower-presser to save petals forever!

Gift this to the nature-loving matriarch in your family and with it will come invitations of hours spent together with her grandkids in the woods, finding treasures, pressing flowers, and crafting beautiful things from the gems you find. And of course, it’s a double-win for your kids too, who will feel so excited to give something fun to Grandma that they get to use, too.

4. Brunch Punch: A Classy Way to gift Alcohol

What’s fun about this gift is that there’s a second-invitation-over basically implied in the present itself. The jar is beautiful, smells amazing, and is festive and fun–but it can’t be used immediately. A potential downside becomes an upside when you realize that you’re giving your Mom what she really wants anyway: more time with you!

So, present her with this beautiful and unique arrangement from Camp Cocktails. Then, she can fill it up with her favorite spirits, let it sit in the fridge for 3 days, and then invite you over again to relax and enjoy it (maybe this time, sans kids!)

Sip it together on the front porch and take in the sunny weather, or, make it an excuse for another brunch gathering (and bring the acacia boards too!) The important thing is to love this tasty treat together.

Is your mom both sappy and strong, sentimental and fearless? Then she will love this game you can play at the dinner table.

Each of the 60 cards includes a different phenomenal woman from all throughout history, what they accomplished, and discussion questions for each. Your mom will love picking out phenomenal women that inspired her in her childhood and young adulthood. Ask her questions about each one–what she remembers, why they inspired her, and how she sees them in herself today.

Then, take time to share why she’s the phenomenal woman in your life! Prep your siblings and kids on it too so that everyone has kind words of affirmation to share. It’s a lowkey, low pressure activity that everyone can do together–but more than that, can lead to words shared that your mother will treasure forever.

6. Garden Colander: Inexpensive & Unique

If your mom has a garden, there’s a good chance that she puts her heart and soul into it. What better way to honor that beauty and hard work with this unique garden colander. She can collect the vegetables that she’s grown into the colander and wash them right there, prepping them for a delicious, homegrown meal.

She can use the colander herself, of course, but you can also involve her kids and grandkids in the search. Let her walk you through her garden, why she’s proud of it, and the stories behind every row and seed. Pick out fresh vegetables and then use them for a dinner you all make, together!

It’s a simple, easy, inexpensive gift–but invites doing something that she loves to do, with you! What else could a mother ask for on Mother’s Day?

Friendship necklaces are so 5th grade…or are they? There is nothing kiddish about this 18k gold plated necklace with real Swarovski crystal. One wing for you, and one for her, and you’ll both feel the specialness of your bond every time you wear it.

This is a great gift if your mom lives far away. You can make a fun agreement to text or call eachother every time you wear it, so that it becomes a natural part of making sure you get time to connect! And know that she’s thinking about you, too.

An easy Mother’s Day gift to mail, send it with kind words, and you’re golden for a memorable and special way to let your mom know how much you love her.

8. Letter Writing Kit: Mothers Day Gift for Long-Distance Moms

If your mom’s love language is gifts, words of affirmation, or quality time, this gift is a slam dunk either way. This letter writing kit is a lovely way to keep in touch with your mom in a time-honored way!

By virtue of what letter writing entails, the time you take to let her know what’s going on in your life will feel like a huge love deposit with every letter sent. Make sure each letter includes reasons your love and admire your mom, what’s going on in your life, and that you really miss her.

By agreeing to use the whole kit to mail letters back and forth, she’ll feel so loved that you don’t just want to make her feel special today, but every day that she opens up a letter from you for months to come! It’s old-fashioned, gushy, and sentimental…she’s going to love it.

Every one of these gifts will be used by your mom on a regular basis–which, psst, is the key to an effective gift! Not only does a gift being practical keep it from being just more “stuff” your mom has to deal with, but it means that she’ll think of you and your love every time she uses it, for months are years to come.

So go ahead, add your favorite to your shopping cart. We did the hard thinkin’ for you, so you can just focus on picking the one that fits your mom the best! And, let’s face it, the one you’ll want to borrow sometimes, too :)

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