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Festa della Donna

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

For oh-so many reasons, my time living in Florence, Italy in 2005 was a highlight of my life.

One reason that I recall fondly and often, is my introduction to the Festa della Donna, which is celebrated on March 8th and also happens to be my birthday.

I felt humbly honored to share the celebration with International Women's Day. Especially, since in Italy, the Festa della Donna gives women the right, and they mean right, to relax. Oh, and have one heck of a girl's night out (did I mention it was this American's 21st birthday 😉)

International Women's Day is celebrated globally. I reflect on how particularly yellow-clad and sweet it was in Italy. Throughout the country, bouquets of yellow mimosas and beautiful cakes with the same namesake are gifted to every woman in the family. From loved ones and, at times, from strangers on the street.

Globally, International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th to remind us of the successes of equality and the challenges still left to confront. For women, and for all people in all places.

Learn more about IWD and the Italian tradition of Festa della Donna. It's origins and modern day application are powerful and universal.

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At Basketful Lifestyle & Gifts, we will honor women in many ways all month and the Festa della Donna, as Italian-style as possible, the weekend of March 7th. Learn more online with organizations like

Enjoy yourselves, ladies. Be good to each other. And wherever you go, leave joy❤

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