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8 Special Gifts for Grandma to Make Her Feel Appreciated

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Let’s be honest–grandma’s deserve ALL of our love. If we have love to give, it should be theirs. They are caretakers, guideposts, and one of the best friends you’ll ever have.

They’re also from a different generation and will always insist that they don’t need anything from you (of course they don’t, you precious thing you!) which can pose a bit of a challenge to knowing what to gift them.

Maybe it’s her birthday or it’s Christmas, or maybe you are just the gift-giving type and want to put a smile on your grandmother’s face. For any occasion, here are 8 gift ideas for your grandma that are sure to make her feel treasured, special, and loved.

1. A Unique Gift for Grandma

$30.00 Unique gifts for Grandma

Your grandma is a phenomenal woman, isn’t she? And she’ll love going through these conversation cards with you. You can pick out a handful from when she was growing up and ask her how these women impacted her and what life was like for her back then. Or choose a few phenomenal women that remind you of her!

Bring them out whenever you’re eating a special meal, baking together, or traveling to see family. They’ll create treasured memories for years to come, with 60 conversation cards to choose from!

2. A Gorgeous Necklace Gift for Grandma

$178.00 Gifts for Grandma Necklace

Make your grandma feel like a million bucks (for much, much less). You can gift her with one half and keep the other for yourself, or gift her both as a beautiful set. Who doesn’t want a friendship necklace with their grandma?

Especially a BFF necklace one as beautiful as this one–with 18k electroplated gold and real Swarovski crystal. Whenever she wears it, she’ll think of you.

3. A Practical Gift for Grandma

$22.50 Gifts for Grandma Practical

If you want a practical gift that your grandma will actually use every day, look no further. These little flamingoes are sweet and delightful, perfect for adding a little more joy to her life. But they also serve a real purpose.

Present your grandma with these cute salt and pepper shakers with the offer to make a meal with her, and she’ll think of that memory every time she uses them. This set comes with two ceramic flamingoes and a cute leaf dish for them to sit on.

4. A Sentimental Gift for Grandma

$14.00 Sentimental Grandma Gifts

These cute recipe cards are the perfect gift for a sentimental grandmother. Imagine sitting down with her to record her famous recipes for generations to come, recording them carefully for her and laughing and crying along with each story that the recipe will inevitably bring. “Remember when I made this for your 6th birthday? The flour went everywhere!” and “This recipe came from my own grandmother. She always had the biggest sweet tooth.”

You can even write down a recipe or two from your own favorites and make a tradition of using them every time you cook together. Comes with 8 blank cards.

5. A Handmade Gift for Grandma

$100.00 Handmade Grandma Gifts

Nothing says “you’re special to me” more than a handmade gift from a skilled artisan. This blanket is made from handwoven textiles woven on home looms that make every warm embrace unique.

You can tell her that she’s been a warm blanket to you all your life, and now you want to return the favor with this luxurious, neutral blanket.

6. Jewelry Gifts for Grandma

$54.99 Gifts for Grandma Jewelry

Every Gallery Pomona necklace is painted to be completely unique, just like your relationship with your beloved grandmother. These heart-shaped necklaces will hang close to her own heart, and is just the artistic touch that some grandmas love.

Coming on a 12” gold chain, it is simple and eccentric all at the same time, and could be just the thing to make your grandmother feel treasured by you.

7. A Gift for Your Grandma’s Kitchen

$18.90 Gifts for Grandma Kitchen

How stunning is this set of coasters? They will brighten up your grandmother’s kitchen, dining area, or coffee table, and remind her that she deserves to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Present them to her with a bottle of wine or some homemade lemonade, and relax together. Each set has 6 different coasters with a cork backing.

8. A Gift for a Grandmother Who Has Everything

$20.80 Gifts for grandma who have everything

What your grandma who has everything wants is what we all want–meaningful experiences with those we love. Gift this Storybook Torch, and you are gifting hours of special, cuddly time with their grandkids. Have her read a story before bedtime by projecting these storybook images onto a nearby wall, and watch the stories–and the love she has for them–come to life.

Your grandma is such a special person, and she deserves a special gift! Any of these gifts will be received as thoughtful, unique, and totally spot on. Thinking of a reason to give your grandma a gift now, aren't you? :)

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