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4 Months Old

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Like a third child, we're counting the months of Basketful's new, inspiring, beautiful life.

We have met lovely people, grown a team of lovely women and sought to take on new, little adventures - from inventory choices to collaborations, from decor to branding.

It's fun to be an artistic entrepreneur. When people ask, "how's the store?" I find myself answering not with quantitative facts, but with feelings and anecdotes.

It's so much fun.
I didn't realize how creative retail can be.
It's already become a space in which people make, celebrate and rekindle relationships.
Everyone is smiling. Yaaay!

Opening, nurturing and growing Basketful has opened up an insomnia... eh, I mean, an energy in me that is non-stop, but invigorating. Exhausting, but empowering...

[Full stop. Insert 7 months. So many personal and professional revelations.]

It is September 24, 2020 and, tonight, I came across this draft blog post from February. Since then, we've all made the desperate statement, "what a year" or discussed life or school or work in terms of "before Covid" and "since Covid".

I read this now and I am reminded of an energy and momentum that was - dare I say it - easy at that time. What perspective time and change provide.

The positive tone of this draft is a priceless gem of accidental storytelling that I wish to absorb in today's moment. It's genuine. It's refreshingly sweet in my memory. I share it with you now to offer a quick pause to reflect.

To a different time.

Not one that I'm anxious to say was better. Definitely one that was easier. Predictable.

If only we knew to chill on the mountains and molehills. Of many, that is certainly a 2020 lesson I will never forget.

[Let the flashback continue]

February 2020:

Some memories around our opening days feel like years past. It's hard to believe some people I know and enjoy so much today, only joined my life a matter of months ago.

It's a joy. And that was the goal. We've got so so much to do and I am thrilled to take it all on. As for the serendipitous nature of so much of Basketful's origin and, in even a short time, evolution, I am aware and grateful.

The next quarter of Basketful will bring new neighbors @Quirkhotelcva, spring celebrations #IWD2020 #Easterlily and even more collaborations @gallery.pomona #Mothersday

We are excited to have you and to be here. Cheers💟

[In September 2020, we are thrilled to still be here with you, to continue evolving, and to come out on the other end of this trying time with grace. Most importantly, we remain in service to our customers and to our founding tenet - to spread joy wherever we go.]

Be well, care for your neighbor, and keep that head high. This too shall pass/we will do better.

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