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Ready? Reflect. Resolve.

Last January, at the pre-pandemic start of 2020, Basketful collaborated with women-owned businesses to showcase physical, mental and spiritual wellness opportunities in town. We called it our “Resolve to Rejuvenate” series.

It was a founding goal to radiate good will and social engagement from our shop; as well as a welcome moment for the BL&G team to regroup after the holiday rush and appreciate our first season open to the Charlottesville community. Needless to say, as the winter unfolded, we were grateful to have had January to center ourselves and fortuitously prepare for the storm ahead.

At the turn of this year, I contemplated a reboot of the resolve to rejuvenate campaign. However, the run-up to January 2021 did not feel like one from which we should expect to simply rejuvenate.

Instead, this January, while Basketful’s storefront remains open only by appointment, yet going strong and welcoming new and return customers online, we thought a blog series that calls a few new words to the forefront may be of greater service to our community:

Restore. Reinvigorate. Revitalize. Reinvent.

Join us on to explore the ways in which we are resolving to reconstruct, refresh, renew, and regenerate ourselves for 2021. Truths will be shared and your stories are welcome. Write to if you have a business, #bossbabe or other personal testament to share with others that may help carry each of us forward.

Stay tuned!


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