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8 Gifts Your Best Friend Will Squeal Over

There are three things that grow more precious with age; old wood to burn, old books to read, and old friends to enjoy.” — Henry Ford

Best friends get better with age. And to put it simply, best friends are just the best! They talk you through break ups, talk you up when you need some confidence, and talk you down from a ledge when you want to make drastic life decisions. They're there for you for the hard times and for the good times. They make your life so much more FUN!

So, on our list of women to celebrate this month, Best Friends are at the tippy top. They don't have to be there for you, but they choose to be, and that is so beautiful. Show your love and appreciation for all that they do and all that they are with these 8 best friend gift ideas!

Go back to a simpler, sweeter time with this adorable letter writing set! If you need a best friend gift who lives far away, cute, cozy set will keep you two feeling closer than ever.

They call it happy mail for a reason! And happy mail usually comes with a happy dance. You can gift your bestie the whole set, or keep half for you and half for her. Start her off with a letter about everything you admire about her!

Does your best friend drink coffee? Of course she does. This cute little gift is the perfect thing to include in a card or a letter, to remind your dear friend that she is loved! Plus who doesn't get a kick out of a coffee-related pun?

She can stick this on her water bottle, laptop, or phone case, and smile whenever she sees it. This is the perfect best friend gift on a budget.

These salt rocks smell as luxurious as they look. The way that it works is a little bit of salt dissolves every time it comes into contact with the water from the bath or shower. And when the salt dissolves, it purifies the air, causes relaxation, and fills the room with a fragrance that is divine!

This thoughtful gift is the prettiest shade of pink and will make your best friend think she's at the spa every time she enters her bathroom. She deserves to relax and feel pampered, and we know you agree!

Your world has been made infinitely better because your best friend is in it, and this is how you can let her know it. Especially if your best friend is a caregiver, activist, mother or dreamer, she needs to hear that she matters!

So remind her in a way that she'll see it every day when she's drinking her coffee! We think this is a great random gift for your best friend, because she'll never see this pick-me-up coming.

This small token will absolutely brighten your BFF's day. Just like you and your best friend are two halves a whole, so this ring shows two halves of the moon! Forever linked and dependent on one another, your best friend will love this visual representation of your friendship.

Plus, she'll love that this ring is handcrafted by artisans working with 10 Thousand Village's fair trade partner Tara Projects in India.

The material on this long flowy kimono feels amazingly soft and luxurious. This pretty red is flattering to every skin tone, and is one size fits all! Your best friend will feel comforted and special every time she wears it, especially because it came from you.

This would be lovely for a best friend birthday gift at any time of the year!

These are some of our most popular items ever, so we KNOW your best friend will love these. They are visually stunning and thoughtfully made. She deserves to live in a beautiful home with pretty things just because.

Give them to her with a bottle of wine or an open invitation to split a cheeseboard. You can't go wrong with how beautiful these are! This set would make such a gorgeous and unique birthday gift for your best friend.

These earrings are another one of our most popular items, for good reason. People are continually drawn to the contrast between the stunning teal and the gold. They are 18k gold-plated brass, which is what gives them that beautiful texture, and real Swarovski crystal.

There is something innately hopeful and meaningful about butterflies so we know they will mean so much to your kindred spirit. She might even get emotional! Gift them with a few heartfelt words and she'll be your friend for life, if she wasn't already!

The only thing more fun than shopping for yourself is shopping for someone you know and love very much. Whether it's for her birthday, a holiday, or just-because, these gifts will have her squealing with delight and gratitude as soon as she unwraps your thoughtful present. Keep this list close by for when the occasion arises (and you know it will, or you'll make one up!)

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