This handmade product line from local Charlottesville company, Soul.House.Love, aspires to help people be their best selves. Each bracelet offers strength and grace to the one who gives it, the one who wears it and the ones who see it. 

Soul.House.Love "Best Self" Bracelets

  • Stephanie Wood joined ROTC in college, and after graduating with a degree in European History, she then spent five years in the Army as a Second Lieutenant in Transportation Corp. She worked in Germany and Iraq, arranging for the movement of personnel and troops across the world.

    She rejoined civilian life in 2010 and moved to New York, where she spent five years in the retail industry at Bloomingdale's and Victoria's Secret.

    After the birth of her second child, she drew on all of her past experiences to launch a business sending care packages to new moms to help get them through the difficult postpartum period. She realized that although she started the company to help others, she didn't get to interact with them directly.

    When her family decided to relocate to her husband's hometown of Charlottesville, VA, she took the opportunity to retrain as a Reiki practitioner.

    She now provides Reiki sessions, runs Reiki Level 1 Attunement Workshops, and hosts events showcasing other forms of healing and self-care. She has also started to go back to her retail roots with a product line designed to help people be their best selves.