Did we tell you we love wrapping a gift, inside another gift? It’s waste free! This bag is perfect on its own or holding a bunch of giftable goodies.

Itzy Ritzy reusable wet bags are perfect for separating wet items while keeping the rest of the items in your diaper bag dry.

	These wet bags are also perfect for keeping in your beach bag for wet swimsuits or towels, in your gym bag for used workout gear, in your suitcase for toiletries while traveling, or for keeping odors from dirty diapers contained.

	The adjustable handle of the wet bag snaps open and closed, making it easy to attach to other bags, strollers, or the back of the seat in your car.

	These wet bags are water-resistant with sealed seams and include a zipper closure and a thick polyurethane interior.
	The medium wet bag measures 11" X 14"; Machine washable in cold water with like colors, line drying is recommended.

Sealable Wet Bag - XOXO