• Silicone-FREE • Latex-FREE • Nickel-FREE • HAND-CAST • NOT RUBBER • Vegetable-Based •


Uniquely Elegant - You can wear this light-weight piece every day or for a special occasion - even into the water. Hey honeymooners! This necklace feels effortless on your skin - comfortable and silky.


Necklace adjusts to 3 lengths with easy T-clasp to close.


VEGETABLE-based materials blended with recyclable plastic

HAND CAST and packed into 100% RECYCLED paper boxes.


Maker, BATUCADA Designers, are committed to creating unique and sophisticated pieces that enhance the essence of every individual who wears them. They are both exquisite and eco-friendly. Batucada’s Jewels on the Skin promise an experience that is distinctive.

BATUCADA Design inspirations are strongly influenced by the various cultural backgrounds from which our artists originate, the beauty of nature and the experiences of ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things on a daily basis. 

BATUCADA Designer's proprietary blend of environmentally compatible materials is synthesized in a “hand-cast” process to create the combination of textures and silky feel that is truly a pleasure to wear. Batucada products are designed in France and handcrafted with 100% recyclable materials. They are oil-free, lead-free, latex-free, silicone-free, nickel-free and phthalate-free.

Prism Necklace - Eco-Conscious Art Jewelry