Kua's unique clutch bags were born out of the joy of being able to re-purpose and create something beautiful from every day African print fabrics that, for years, were principally used to make traditional clothing worn by the artist community's Ghanaian mothers and grandmothers.


Kua was named after its founder’s mother and is an ode to the authentic woman who is clothed in style, confidence and pride in her culture.


From sourcing fabrics in local markets, to training workers with employable skills and passionately investing into the women on whose backs Ghanaian communities are built, Kua is spreading independence and sustainability. 





Kua sources leather locally from traders of repurposed leather from Italian factories. They mix and match these scrap leather pieces, that would have otherwise ended up in landfills and taken millions of years to decompose, with other materials to make your unique Kua pieces. Kua believes that through fashion and more conscious sourcing of materials, we help prevent the terrible trash disposal problem in Ghana, and the world at large. Kua finds the beauty hidden in trash and help the world to see it one bag at a time.



Kua sources fabrics from women in the local markets with whom we have formed relationships over the years. These women are a major part of Kua's supply chain, and they love that their wares go into the creation of beautiful accessories that end up in homes all over the world.


Resource: https://kuadesigns.com/pages/our-materials

KUA Hema Purse

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