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Dive into a textile daydream with our Embroidered Zig Zag Soft Kimono. It’s as if comfort and artistry had a rendezvous, resulting in this mesmerizing piece. The intricate zig-zag embroidery threads its way across the fabric, creating a dance of geometric shapes and lines. Soft to the touch, this kimono feels like a gentle embrace; its lightweight, flowing material moving with grace and ease.

The open-front design and roomy sleeves offer a cascade of styling possibilities—making it a day-to-night essential. Ideal for retailers eager to offer a touch of artisanal elegance and cozy charm, this kimono wraps wearers in a world of stylish possibilities.

100% Acrylic

One Size Fits Most

Size: 45" x 31"

Embroidered Zig Zag Soft Kimono - Rust


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