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“SIMPLE GLAM” By Debbie Crosby-Louis, owner of TROUVÉE

As a mom, I always want my family to be supported and empowered with positivity. “Turn it into something good” is a phrase I always use, encouraging myself and my family to look for the good in things. Even when a day might not be going as planned, or when stress might be trying to take over.

We all know that it can be very easy to get caught up in daily stresses. Often, we can get so caught up, that we don’t make time to take care of ourselves. So, in the spirit of “turning things into something good,” I would like to emphasize the importance of making your own “something good,” of taking time for yourself to do or have something you love every day.

When I make time for myself to do something I like, I think of it as my “simple glam.” It’s just adding some “glamor” to your life, a time to relax and do exactly what you want to do. It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, or a large amount of time. It can simply be a small, everyday gesture that brings comfort and a chance to be grateful for the little things. The things that you are able to do to make yourself happy.


“Simple glam” can be anything at all, like wearing a favorite perfume, pampering yourself with your favorite makeup, or putting on a pair of your favorite shoes. It can be watching your favorite TV show, or taking a quick nap, or painting your nails.

For me, I like to spend time with my family and friends. I like enjoying delicious and healthy food and semi-sweet white wine. I like to pamper and try new makeup and styles, find new items for my home and office, and think about things that I’m grateful for. Even when things are busy, and times are stressful, I like to give time to something I enjoy.  It gives me time to unwind and relax, and helps me make “something good” something that happens every day.

I encourage all of you to find your “simple glam.” Find something that you love, and take time for yourself, because you absolutely deserve it! Deb

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Absolutely! Taking a moment to be grateful and take care of yourself in your own, unique way is something we all need ❤️. Since COVID, I’ve found that Ive been able to focus more on self care and it’s made such an incredible difference in my life!


So well said. Self care is so important in reducing your own stress so you are around to help others.


Sonja Crosby
Sonja Crosby
Aug 23, 2020

You’re so right, Debbie! Taking that moment to love yourself benefits you AND the people around you.

LOVE the idea of “simple glamour” it sounds so luxe and elegant but attainable.

Going to try that today!


Love this!

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