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Beauty in the Struggle by Dionna Corbin

I’ve been thinking and avoiding writing for some weeks now.

I wanted to be sure that whatever I wrote was going to be impactful and moving to the reader. I want to talk about all that I’ve learned since being forced to remain still for 4 months.


First things first, I just want to say COVID-19 has been nothing short of a blessing in my life, but before I start listing everything I’ve learned, I don’t want to be insensitive to those who have lost someone due to COVID, are unemployed, and/or are struggling mentally as a result of it. I aim to make you feel a sense of hope, joy and optimism… and maybe just maybe… you, too, can find the silver lining in such a devastating time.

I am someone who thrives off achievement. Prior to being on lock down, I held leadership positions in two organizations, worked at Basketful AND was a wedding planner. Not only that, but somewhere in the midst of all of the craziness, I managed to make it to the gym 4 times a week.

My very busy life halted abruptly due to COVID. I enjoyed it at first because I was forced to slow down… I kept thinking of it as a mini vacation. Waking up at 10AM wasn’t so bad and at this point the gyms were still open, so my life was pretty chill and I kinda liked it that way. Before I knew it, the gyms were closed, my work was super slow and my finances started to diminish, thereby forcing me to apply for unemployment.

I was anxious, mad, and extremely depressed most days. I wanted my old life back. I missed being busy and virtual meetings never made me feel busy, they made me even more frustrated with everything.

I kept saying, “why is this happening to me???!!” and one day it clicked… “Why is this happening to me" turned into, "what is this experience teaching me?? What can I learn from this??”

I started reflecting on those questions on a daily basis through journaling, meditation and sheer silence, and what came to the surface was beautiful and profound.

This is what COVID has taught me: I prayed but I never heard God because I was so busy.

I was constantly on the go, but what I’ve learned is that God’s voice is a whisper.

We cannot hear God unless we’re still, so maybe being forced to be still has nothing to do with the world, but everything to do with God. Have Faith that everything works out for our good. Nothing happens to us, everything happens for us and until we master this we will always suffer.

We literally create the life we want - we are the authors of our stories. What do you want your next chapter to say? How do you want it to look? And lastly, take risks. Do the thing you’ve always been scared to do and have faith that it’s going to work out.

Bet on yourself. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out but even then you’re a little more knowledgeable than you were before, so really what are you losing?

Our guest blogger, Dionna Corbin, is a team member at Basketful Lifestyle & Gifts in Charlottesville, VA who specializes in event planning, visual merchandising and all things on display! Thank you for sharing, Dee <3

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